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The List: Best Actor

28 Dec

2011 brought a great varieties of dramas. Usually, I tend to stick to your generic girl loves boy story, but this year, I managed to branch out (might have been one of the best decisions of my life). Continue reading


2011 Korea Drama Awards

3 Oct

The 2011 Korea Drama Awards were given out this weekend to some of the brightest stars of the Korean entertainment industry. I love award shows and I’m no stranger to obsessing over lists and nominees for a variety of awards handed out in Hollywood (Every year I watch the Oscars* and the Emmys along with the smaller-scale award ceremonies). The Korean industry too likes to reward its stars for giving out awards for its very successful shows.

Here is the list of winners from that event and some comments: Continue reading

Lee Min Ho Is Officially Taken

22 Aug

That’s it everyone.It’s been reported that actor Lee Min Ho is officially dating actress Park Min Young. The two costarred in the hit action drama City Hunter and apparently have  been dating for about a month now. Continue reading

Jan Di: Why We Love To Hate Her

15 Aug

The world is still reeling from the global phenomenon known as Boys Over Flowers (also called Boys Before Flowers). In this 2009 KDrama, we experienced love at first sight (thank you, Gu Jun Pyo), adorable bromance (thank you F4), and of course, and awe-stricken disgust (and that would be you Geum Jan Di).

Continue reading

Is Psycho The New Black?

12 Aug

Gone are the days of ultra-perfect male leads. It is getting rarer and rarer to find KDramas whose main characters are even semi-normal. Not that I’m objecting or anything; I think it’s wonderful that it isn’t always the female lead who has some sort of abnormality. Continue reading

Thespian Review: Lee Min Ho – “City Hunter”

12 Aug

What a great summer this was! My favorite drama of the summer, City Hunter, ended two weeks ago and I suffered from withdrawal syndromes from missing it so much. The fast-paced action, the beautiful cinematography, the fitting soundtrack, and the wonderful cast—they’re all things I miss dearly. Above all, what I’m going to miss the most about City Hunter is Lee Min Ho.

Continue reading

Kim Bum is Coming Back!

10 Aug

And then the whole world stopped to pause…Maybe? Today, some Boys over Flowers fans (and I know there are many) are rejoicing as Yi Jung aka F4 Member aka Cassanova is coming back in our drama lives! I’m so so excited.

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