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The Lists 2012: Best Actor

10 Jan

Note: There were so many actors who made it on versions of my top 5 favorite actors that I could hardly leave mentioning any of them. But this was a great year for lead actors, who always get the best roles in Korean dramas. Ask me again another day and I might change the order and the people in my top 5. But today, these are my five favorites this year.


Ji Hyun Woo is intelligent, kind, special, and just plain adorable in Queen In Hyun’s Man. Kim Myung Min delivers a typically splendid performance as a perfectionist and narcissistic drama producer in The King of Dramas. Lee Jun Ki is one half of the most adorable couple on TV this past year with his intelligent and totally loveable magistrate in Arang and the Magistrate. Gong Yoo’s heartbreaking and hilarious performance is the best and possibly only good thing about Big. Kim Soo Hyun delivers a deeply felt and moving take on a King hung up on his first love in The Moon that Embraces the Sun. Sung Joon is naturalistic but super charismatic as the lead singer in Shut Up! Flower Boy Band.

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[Series Review] The King 2 Hearts

12 Jun

*I’ve been meaning to post this since I finished the bulk of it the day of the series finale. But unfortunately, my timing has never been my strong suit so here’s a long-ish essay on that series*

Duty. It’s a word that can mean different things depending on the context and the speaker. What stays the same, however, is that duty may represent the values of the speaker. That is not to say that people who work for the government or for the military have set their duties to honor or uphold either institution. Indeed, history has shown that people often misrepresent their true motives with the duties that they publicly espouse and follow. But despite that, the duties that people say they have are abstract values that determine their overall personhood and identities.

The question of personhood—how we identify ourselves—and the notion of duty are the two most important themes explored in the drama The King 2 Hearts. The drama, set in a modern-day fictional Korea where the country is led by a monarchy, engages the audience with difficult concepts not as readily accessible as duty, paraplegia, and identity as well as concepts that strike close to home for many viewers like nationality and Korean unification. All of these ideas are weaved into a storyline that, the poster and title of the series indicate, that centers on the romance between a hapless South Korean prince and a North Korean military girl. Lee Seung Gi plays the South Korean prince Lee Jae Ha who then becomes king while Ha Ji Won plays the North Korean soldier Kim Hang Ah.

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The List: Clarence’s Top 50 Songs of 2011 Part II: 21-50

6 Jan

Here to continue with my obsessive listing, I bring you #50 through #21 on my list of favorite songs of the year! We’re going to wrap the lists this week. So without further ado, here they are accompanied by short anecdotes on each track

50. Don’t Spray Perfume – Teen Top:

The lyrics are sexy and forbidding, the music is fun and bright, and the vocals are quite mature.

49. They Are Coming – Wheesung:

His last song before the military carries bittersweet undertones; He is a fantastic singer and lyricist.

48. One Last Cry – N-Train:

The new 4Men? Maybe. This song does well to showcase their very strong vocals. The music is sweet too.

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The Lists: Clarence’s Top 10 Favorite Artists of the Year

30 Dec

2011 has seen its fair share of great music. The trends this year: throwbacks or nostalgic beats to artists reinventing themselves. There are many comebacks from legends that made the year even more special. I suspect next year will be an interesting one too. My overall regard for this year’s crop of music is due mainly to the ten artists listed below who, for whatever reason I specify, has made my year of listening to K-pop a wonderful experience. Last year, Girls’ Generation and Shinee took the top two spots on my list. Here’s a rundown of my favorite artists this year.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Songs That Got Me Through Finals Week

27 Dec

As most of you know, finals may be the most depressing time of a student’s life. While studying, I came to the realization that some songs just have that feel-good factor that really picks you up. I compiled a list of the songs I played the most during my finals week. Check out my top ten below! Continue reading

Top Ten Tuesdays: Lee Seung Gi Songs

22 Nov

Here at Dramapop, I am quite biased towards Lee Seung Gi, the musician and the variety star (as for his acting, I’m partial). So in honor of his recent deserved victory at Inkigayo, I’d like to present my ten favorite Lee Seung Gi songs in no particular order:

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Lee Seung Gi on Inkigayo

13 Nov


Nothing is better on a Sunday morning than listening to Lee Seung Gi singing live on Inkigayo 🙂 He’s just magical.

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