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[Review] Cheondung – “Don’t Go”

4 Jul

MBLAQ has been on a world tour, traveling to countries around the world meeting fans and performing for live audiences. The release of Cheondung “Thunder”‘s new song follows in the footsteps of previous releases from members G.O. and Mir. Now this is a surprise to me and I guess most people because Thunder isn’t really known as a good vocalist but I’ve noted his improvement since their debut and the company also took notice considering they’ve switched him from rapping to singing in MBLAQ’s latest songs. This new song adds dimension to Cheondung that he seriously needed to keep up with his more talented members.

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[Album Review] MBLAQ- “100% Ver.” –Temi’s Review

9 Jan


MBLAQ is back even better than ever. The boys released their dynamic mini-album “100% Ver”, today. The album consists of five brand new singles, one of which was released a few days ago. Continue reading

[Album Review] MBLAQ – “100% Ver” (***)

9 Jan

Last summer, MBLAQ showed a different side of them, returning to their roots and thus making their best album to date. “Mona Lisa” was a great album filled with music that fit MBLAQ so well and that made them stand out among the throng of idols coming back. Now, they return with their latest offering, “100% Ver.”. Let’s see if they live up to the high standard they’ve set for themselves.

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The List: Clarence’s Top 20 Songs of 2011

7 Jan

Finally! Here’s the final list of songs for my top twenty. Each of this song, I can only offer nice words because they made my year of listening to music so darn good. I cherish each one of these songs for their virtues, the talents involved, and lastly their impact on me as a listener.  Last year, my favorite song was Super Junior’s addicting “Bonamana”. This year is a different story.

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[Review] MBLAQ – “Scribble”

3 Jan

MBLAQ is coming back with a new single and I couldn’t be more excited. After their surprisingly mature and musically impressive mini album “Mona Lisa”, I’ve developed higher expectations for this group that I once loathed. It’s an interesting career renaissance for the group and their new single, “Scribble” has to live up to the promise of their last efforts.

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The List: Best Artist-Temi

2 Jan

2011 has been a year of great comebacks. For too often, a quality artist or group makes a comeback that is completely lackluster and disappointing; however, I am quite happy to say that this year’s comebacks (and debuts) have been more than satisfactory. Here are my top ten artists of 2011:
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[Artist Profile] MBLAQ

3 Sep

When MBLAQ or “Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality” debuted, I thought they weren’t anything special at all. They were an interesting mix of good looking guys with some questionable talent but possess some indescribable charm. They’re not really unique even if they have superstar Rain as a mentor compared to the similar group B2ST who debuted around the same time. Both groups started with people who have some sort of talent but was burdened by music that didn’t set them apart from the rest of the industry. In short, I dismissed them as unoriginal, untalented, and even frustrating.

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