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The List: Best Actor

28 Dec

2011 brought a great varieties of dramas. Usually, I tend to stick to your generic girl loves boy story, but this year, I managed to branch out (might have been one of the best decisions of my life). Continue reading


The List: Best Actress

25 Dec

There is something quite stirring about watching actresses perform. It’s a bias for me that I am more drawn towards stellar female performances than I am to stellar male performances. I just think that women have more interesting roles and are more expressive than their male counterparts. It is no surprise to find that if I were to compile a list of male and female actors whose performances I found outstanding and distinguished, three of them will be women while only two men will make the cut.

But I digress. Every single performance on this list captivated me, each actress brought a sense of vulnerability to their roles, and each character earned each tear or laugh they managed to wring out of me. Truthfully, I couldn’t have put together a better list.

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The List: Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

13 Dec

Welcome to the first installment of The List! This is a list of our favorite things in Korean Dramas and Music for 2011. As an awards fanatic,  I love lists especially narrowing down my choices to a small number. It’s a weird quality but nonetheless it is addicting for me. First off, are the supporting ladies of Korean Dramas.

 This year’s crop skew older than the rest of the field of actors. This is because most of the veteran actresses are in this section, taking with them experience and dramatic talent that most of the stars in the lead categories do not possess yet. That said, I cannot disregard the talents of some remarkable young actresses, whose performances are divisive only because they played such unlikeable characters.

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[Series Review] Scent of a Woman

12 Sep

There are many reasons why Korean dramas stand out as a genre in entertainment. They have a special quality that makes them different from other TV shows that have seasons and seasons worth of episodes. In short, the magic of Korean dramas is how within a span of, on average, 16 episodes, they get to earn your love and devotion and wish that it’ll go on forever. They resolve everything (with various results) and leave you feeling happy/satisfied with a tad bit of nostalgia for the yester-months when the show was just premiering.

Most of the time at least…

Many dramas tend to piss me off with how ridiculous the writers get trying to come up with stories to fill up 16 episodes and sometimes these new story lines seem hackneyed. Thankfully, Scent of a Woman escapes most of the rubbish Korean drama ridiculousness and comes out with a very consistent drama that though not flawless, seems to have all the right pieces of a great piece of entertainment. Continue reading

Best Friends in Korean Dramas

14 Aug

Every Korean Drama heroine has one of them–best friends who act as side kicks, often sassier than the lead, and always there to help the heroine through their troubles whether they loan some much needed money (because you know most of the lead girls are broke or poor) or kicking some ass.

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What I Like About Scent of a Woman

7 Aug

Being a drama addict, I’m always craving new dramas that can excite, move, and compel me to keep coming back for more. Some dramas I’ve tried have only ever had me at arms’ length and I stop watching after one or two episodes. Not so with Scent of a Woman.

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Drama Addiction!

6 Aug

Yes, Temi and I are addicted to drama. I don’t know if it’s because we’re on summer vacation and we’re not as busy as ever with school-related activities and work or it’s because we have a problem. I’d like to think it’s the former over the latter but people are more inclined to believe the latter. Continue reading

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