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[Series Review/ Top Ten Tuesdays/ WTF of the WEEK] All About Big

24 Jul

Well today marks the ending of one of the dramas I faithfully followed this year as Big makes aired its last episode. I’m a big fan of the very famous Hong sisters who are the writers of this show. I’ve seen only three of their shows: My GirlMy Girlfriend is a Guminho, and Best Love. Since I liked all three shows, I thought that I would fall easily in love with their new offering Big. Even Temi wrote about how wonderful the show was when it premiered. I felt the same fuzzies when we were introduced to our main characters and to some degree I still feel the same way about them now.

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[Series Review] I Do, I Do

23 Jul

How does one define the meaning of life? It’s not an easy question although many people have tried for centuries to try making sense of what life means. But for starters, life is defined by the choices that people make. Each choice we make can cause shifts in the world and affect other people’s lives. Since life is defined by the choices we make, that means that inevitably each person will have a different definition for life because each person makes their own choices given the circumstances in front of them.


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[Series Review] Protect the Boss

29 Sep

Korean dramas are often very predictable with a happy ending almost always guaranteed for everyone. Yet somehow we’re expected to feel for these characters even though we all know what will happen in the end. Protect the Boss works that way. You know who will end up with who and what will happen at the end. Still, it manages to surprise audiences with the amount of comedy gold, heart, and unexpected joys that it manages to pack in every episode. It’s a rare treat to get such a cast of incredibly funny actors doing great work and the series writers’ give them plenty of good material to chew on too.

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[Series Review] Scent of a Woman

12 Sep

There are many reasons why Korean dramas stand out as a genre in entertainment. They have a special quality that makes them different from other TV shows that have seasons and seasons worth of episodes. In short, the magic of Korean dramas is how within a span of, on average, 16 episodes, they get to earn your love and devotion and wish that it’ll go on forever. They resolve everything (with various results) and leave you feeling happy/satisfied with a tad bit of nostalgia for the yester-months when the show was just premiering.

Most of the time at least…

Many dramas tend to piss me off with how ridiculous the writers get trying to come up with stories to fill up 16 episodes and sometimes these new story lines seem hackneyed. Thankfully, Scent of a Woman escapes most of the rubbish Korean drama ridiculousness and comes out with a very consistent drama that though not flawless, seems to have all the right pieces of a great piece of entertainment. Continue reading

Series Review: Heartstrings/ You’ve Fallen For Me

6 Sep

I anticipated this drama so much because it paired up two delightful people from You’re Beautiful: Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa. My sister loved You’re Beautiful so much that she tried to get me to watch it multiple times. When I did watch the drama, I fell for its charms and quirks while ignoring its problems and faults. With that thought in mind, I came into Heartstrings expecting big things. After 8 weeks of following through with this drama, I came out a little less delighted than I had hoped for.

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