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[Album Review] SHINEE – SHERLOCK (***1/2)

10 May


Shinee has to be one of the most talented groups that SM group has on its roster and that’s saying a lot considering that SM has Super Junior and SNSD among its ranks as well. Ever since their debut, they’ve constantly impressed with their vocals and their dance skills. I love how every member here sings with gusto and dance so flawlessly. Although they haven’t released a Korean album since fall 2010, their return is, needless to say, one of the most anticipated releases this year. So did their fourth mini album, live up to their impressive legacy thus far?

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EXO:There Is Hope for KPop

5 Jan

So during my daily scouring of the web for kpop news, I came upon something that literally took my breath away. Continue reading

Tuesday Top 10:K-pop Songs During the Rain

20 Sep

In honor of the rainy days that the east coast has been getting a lot lately, I’d like to present you my ten favorite K-pop songs to listen to when it’s pouring outside.

Here’s a brief chat about these songs.

Rainy days are very relaxing for me. I grew up in the Philippines and when it rains, it really RAINS. Typhoons are common there that I’ve grown to love the rain. So it’s no surprise that rainy days are some of my favorite types of weather.

Rainy days also have “soundtracks” that goes with the mood of the weather. It seems like artists love making songs that fit our mood when it rains. While not all of these songs will necessarily have rain as an ongoing motif of some sorts, we still get the relaxing and “chill” vibe from them. So here’s the list for my favorite songs to listen to during a rainy day.

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Red Hair…Why Some People Can’t Have It

12 Aug

With the recent news of G-Dragon and TOP going apeshit with the hairstyle they choose (I mean look at them–I mean, DON’T LOOK AT THEM), I want to shed some light on a recent phenomena that is really upsetting me: RED HAIR. I understand that some people have red hair when they were born (gingers, ya know) but celebrities these days opt for the hair color that is unnaturally bright red (sometimes bordering on pink) and I just don’t understand why.

I'm trying to be avant-garde here people, sheesh!

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English in Korean songs

10 Aug

Last week, we posted the live performance of Junsu’s “Intoxicated”–his raunchiest and dirtiest lyrics ever–that features one of the most heinous use of English in a Korean song yet. It’s a common thing among native speakers to make fun of foreigners who can’t speak the language properly, who often use bad grammar, or have accents that suggests English wasn’t your first language (I belong in the last category). K-pop stars are not exception to the mockery. They’ve been the subject of major flubs with English lyrics and pronunciation.

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