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[Thespian Review] Lee Seung Gi – “Shining Inheritance”

14 Oct

Shining Inheritance is still one of my favorite Korean dramas. Sure, there were many times when I wanted to strangle the main characters but that doesn’t mean the story isn’t well-written. In fact, the writers set us up for big payoffs towards the end of the drama. It wasn’t a perfect drama for sure but it’s definitely one of the better ones.

Part of what made Shining Inheritance a great drama is the actors’ performances. Most of the actors here are delivering great performances, particularly the supporting actors: Kim Mi Sook, as the tyrannical step-mother, inspired me to start the Thespian Review; Bae Soo Bin is equally heartbreaking and lovable as Park Joon Sae, and Moon Chae Won, as Yoo Seung Mi, perhaps delivered the best performance. Still, we have to give credit to the main actors for anchoring a show, and no one can anchor a show quite as well as Lee Seung Gi.

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Best Friends in Korean Dramas

14 Aug

Every Korean Drama heroine has one of them–best friends who act as side kicks, often sassier than the lead, and always there to help the heroine through their troubles whether they loan some much needed money (because you know most of the lead girls are broke or poor) or kicking some ass.

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What I Like About Scent of a Woman

7 Aug

Being a drama addict, I’m always craving new dramas that can excite, move, and compel me to keep coming back for more. Some dramas I’ve tried have only ever had me at arms’ length and I stop watching after one or two episodes. Not so with Scent of a Woman.

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Thespian Review: Kim Mi Sook – Shining Inheritance

4 Aug

Shining Inheritance is my absolute favorite Korean drama because it successfully makes its story both complicated and compelling, something that most dramas fail to do.

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