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Super Junior Releases MV Teaser for Sexy Free and Single

29 Jun

Super Junior, you know I love you, but you just have to come up with better names for your songs.

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[Album Review] f(x)-Electric Shock

14 Jun

We can all agree that f(x) is doing it big with Electric Shock. I already gave the typical album intro here so let’s go straight into the review!

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f(x) Releases Electric Shock Teasers

8 Jun

I have to admit that for the longest time, I wasn’t the biggest fan of f(x). After hearing Chu and La Cha Ta, I thought that they just sounded immature and annoying. Then, they released NU ABO and Danger, I found myself jamming to their music because it was Just. So. Catchy.  Continue reading

SuPearls Magic

24 May

Although I’m not really one for following Korean variety shows, an article about the finalists on K-Pop Star recently caught my attention. Continue reading

Top Ten Tuesdays: Top 10 Ten Songs Released In The Past Month

21 Feb

So you probably noticed that the writers here at DramaPop took an extended hiatus just to get adjusted to the new semester. Looking back, I realized I missed out on a whole buttload of great releases. Here are my top ten favorites:

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[Update] I Give Up: How SM Has Failed Me Yet Again

10 Jan

No. Freaking. Way. That’s it,  I’m done. I’m done with SM, Kpop, and music in general. (but not actually, I’m just ranting :)) Continue reading

SM Releases Yet Another EXO Teaser Featuring Kai

10 Jan

Okay SM, we’re getting tired over here. We’ve seen wayyy too many EXO teasers featuring your golden boy, Kai. Continue reading

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