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The List: Clarence’s Top 50 Songs of 2011 Part II: 21-50

6 Jan

Here to continue with my obsessive listing, I bring you #50 through #21 on my list of favorite songs of the year! We’re going to wrap the lists this week. So without further ado, here they are accompanied by short anecdotes on each track

50. Don’t Spray Perfume – Teen Top:

The lyrics are sexy and forbidding, the music is fun and bright, and the vocals are quite mature.

49. They Are Coming – Wheesung:

His last song before the military carries bittersweet undertones; He is a fantastic singer and lyricist.

48. One Last Cry – N-Train:

The new 4Men? Maybe. This song does well to showcase their very strong vocals. The music is sweet too.

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EXO:There Is Hope for KPop

5 Jan

So during my daily scouring of the web for kpop news, I came upon something that literally took my breath away. Continue reading

SNSD’s Hyoyeon for Vogue Girl

31 Oct

Yes! I don’t think anyone else is more excited that I am that SNSD’s Hyoyeon has finally gotten a solo photo shoot! Recently, Hyoyeon shot a pictorial for Vogue Girl, and boy did she rock it. Continue reading

[Review] SNSD – “The Boys” (***)

18 Oct

Girl’s Generation, arguably the biggest and most popular girl group in Korea and really much of Asia, is ready to conquer the charts again with their newest offering, “The Boys”, their third album. They’ve amassed a huge fanbase with their looks, talents, and their personalities. “Gee” may have catapulted the girls to superstardom but it’s their later singles, “Oh”, “Run Devil Run”, and “Hoot” that solidified their status. Each year, their styles have matured, becoming more chic, improving their singing, and produced better quality music. In short, they get fiercer and fiercer every year.

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SNSD Releases 2 More Teasers for “The Boys”

17 Oct

Not gonna lie, these teasers are pretty badass. Continue reading

SNSD Is Stepping Up Their Game

13 Oct

As you can see from one of our past posts, there are a LOT of girl groups set to comeback/debut this fall. Continue reading

They’re Coming Back…All Of Them

2 Oct

Fall 2011 has already proven itself to be a busy time of the year in KPop. Already, Brown Eyed Girls, U-KISSDavichi, B1A4, Huh Gak, JYJ, and  KARA have made their explosive comebacks, and that’s barely the tip of the iceberg. Here’s a line up of the artists have/are coming back this fall. Continue reading

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