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[Album Review] T-ara – “Day by Day” (****1/2)

4 Jul

T-ara seems to be on a roll lately. They produce new music so constantly that I feel like that it’s quite stupid to call this another comeback album since they don’t really leave. I mean, in order for one to truly have a comeback, one must have left a significant time. Even by K-pop hyperspeed standards, T-ara produces new music at a faster rate. Whether that actually affects the quality of their music seems to be out of the question. T-ara flip flops between sweet and adorable adolescent music (“Roly Poly,” “Lovey Dovey”) and then follow it up with a mature sound (“Cry Cry”, “Day by Day”). Apart from the repetition in their titles, T-ara seems to have found a comfortable pattern and in no way are they hurting themselves by doing this especially when they strike a chord with each turn at bat.

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The List: Clarence’s Top 20 Songs of 2011

7 Jan

Finally! Here’s the final list of songs for my top twenty. Each of this song, I can only offer nice words because they made my year of listening to music so darn good. I cherish each one of these songs for their virtues, the talents involved, and lastly their impact on me as a listener.  Last year, my favorite song was Super Junior’s addicting “Bonamana”. This year is a different story.

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[Album Review] T-ara – “Funky Town” (****)

3 Jan

I find it a little maddening sometimes to think of T-ara because as much as I love their music, they’re never coherent. Sure musical diversity is a good thing and should definitely be embraced by artists but when artists revert to old tropes that they’ve outgrown, it just makes me frustrated. Why go back to that style when the one you just embraced recently works just as fine, if not better?

T-ara suffers from that kind of back and forth flip-flopping that we customarily see whenever we listen to any Girls’ Generation album. The lead single might prove to be groundbreaking but if you listen to the rest of the material in the album, it’s a rehash of the same old same old.

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Top 10 Tuesdays: K-Pop Entertainers Who Are Having a Great Year

6 Dec

It’s December and that means that we are going to start our year-end lists of everything! Starting this week, our TOP 10 Tuesdays might extend to week long lists of favorites that range from favorite drama scenes to favorite albums. So look forward to it!

Kicking it off is my list for the top 10 Artists who are having a great year. K-pop entertainers are the people who take the least amount of breaks among all artists in the world. They release new material on a seasonal basis which gives us plenty of opportunities to love and cherish them but at the same time get sick of them too. This list represents the people that, in my opinion, only improved their standing in the K-pop world this year.

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[Album Review] T-ara – “Black Eyes” (***1/2)

11 Nov

Earlier this year, during the summer, T-ara released the fun, upbeat, and delicious pop track “Roly-Poly”, which was a huge hit. They’re back this fall with a darker image and a starker music. Let’s see what they’ve got up their sleeves to compete with the slew of girl groups coming back.

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They’re Coming Back…All Of Them

2 Oct

Fall 2011 has already proven itself to be a busy time of the year in KPop. Already, Brown Eyed Girls, U-KISSDavichi, B1A4, Huh Gak, JYJ, and  KARA have made their explosive comebacks, and that’s barely the tip of the iceberg. Here’s a line up of the artists have/are coming back this fall. Continue reading

What if Korea Had VMA Awards?

30 Aug

Two nights ago, the Video Music Awards were held in Los Angeles with lots of music guests and tons of performances including tributes to Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears. I love award shows and we’ll be covering some of my favorites later in the year (Next up will be the Emmy Awards! Yay TV shows). Anyway, I’d love to imagine a Korean version of the Video Music Awards considering K-pop has better music videos nowadays. Although the year isn’t over, I’d like to make a list of the videos that were released between January and August.

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