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The List: Clarence’s Top 20 Songs of 2011

7 Jan

Finally! Here’s the final list of songs for my top twenty. Each of this song, I can only offer nice words because they made my year of listening to music so darn good. I cherish each one of these songs for their virtues, the talents involved, and lastly their impact on me as a listener.  Last year, my favorite song was Super Junior’s addicting “Bonamana”. This year is a different story.

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The List: Clarence’s Top 50 Songs of 2011 PART I: 10 Songs That Should Have Made the Cut

3 Jan

Well it’s that time of the year to consider the best achievements of the year, something that I look forward to every year with much anticipation because I’m a list whore who actively watches award shows with much gusto. I’ve done this kind of listing before and I’m glad to share my list of the best songs of 2011.

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The Lists: Clarence’s Top 10 Favorite Artists of the Year

30 Dec

2011 has seen its fair share of great music. The trends this year: throwbacks or nostalgic beats to artists reinventing themselves. There are many comebacks from legends that made the year even more special. I suspect next year will be an interesting one too. My overall regard for this year’s crop of music is due mainly to the ten artists listed below who, for whatever reason I specify, has made my year of listening to K-pop a wonderful experience. Last year, Girls’ Generation and Shinee took the top two spots on my list. Here’s a rundown of my favorite artists this year.

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What if Korea Had VMA Awards?

30 Aug

Two nights ago, the Video Music Awards were held in Los Angeles with lots of music guests and tons of performances including tributes to Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears. I love award shows and we’ll be covering some of my favorites later in the year (Next up will be the Emmy Awards! Yay TV shows). Anyway, I’d love to imagine a Korean version of the Video Music Awards considering K-pop has better music videos nowadays. Although the year isn’t over, I’d like to make a list of the videos that were released between January and August.

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English in Korean songs

10 Aug

Last week, we posted the live performance of Junsu’s “Intoxicated”–his raunchiest and dirtiest lyrics ever–that features one of the most heinous use of English in a Korean song yet. It’s a common thing among native speakers to make fun of foreigners who can’t speak the language properly, who often use bad grammar, or have accents that suggests English wasn’t your first language (I belong in the last category). K-pop stars are not exception to the mockery. They’ve been the subject of major flubs with English lyrics and pronunciation.

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Junsu’s “Intoxication”

5 Aug

So the other day, I was notified via text that there was a YouTube performance that I absolutely had to see. Whipping out my handy dandy iPhone, I Googled the keywords “Jun Su”+”intoxication”. And this is what I found:

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