New Artist Profile:Boni

6 Aug

After the recent release of her new single “It Hurts” R&B artist, Boni (보니) has been gaining interests among fans worldwide.

Nicknamed “the female Taeyang”, listeners have been captivated by Boni’s smooth vocals that seem to give R&B a whole new definition. At the young age of 24, Boni has already released two full albums (“Nu One” and “1990”) and two singles (“By My Side”, “It Hurts”).

Stereotypical female R&B artists tend to have deep, resonating voices that capture the powerful emotions behind the song. Interestingly enough, Boni’s voice does not embody that stereotype. Her vocals are clear and sweet, but at the same time, strong and potent. Boni manages to portray the same forceful emotions heard by artists such as Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera, while adding her own unique style. As heard in the first verse of her track, “Go Round” (also available in English), her pure vocals resonate with the listener.

She is also popular with netizens for uploading various covers of both English and Korean songs with her own twist.

Boni is definitely one of the hidden jewels in Kpop and I hope that with the realease of her new single, she will get the recognition that she deserves.

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